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I've heard it said, if it wasn't for PTFI Freeport Mining and the Grasberg mine, Timika would be but a collection of shacks. There's probably a fair bit of truth to that. As it is, there's a substantial town. Services and facilities range from the relatively good for Papua to the near-Western expectation of the services and facilities associated with PTFI. The airport is quite large, has ATC and is serviced (domestically) daily by Garuda, Sriwijaya and other smaller, bit-players. You can get to Makassar, Sorong, Nabire, Jayapura, Jakarta and Denpasar with relative ease on the services provided. The local operators here serve quite an extensive area of Papua, both in the Highlands and South of the ranges from their Timika base.

Social and Entertainment

A solid core of Expat drivers meet regularly on Saturday evenings, to BBQ and socialise. Sundays there's usually a good group of drivers enjoying the Brunch at the Golf Club at Kuala Kencana. Often a mid-week Steak night at the Rimba may be organised by word-of-mouth also. Social outlets include: the Rimba Hotel, restaurant, bar and pool-bar; Grand Tembugapura Hotel restaurant and pool/bar; Ossa de Villa restaurant/bar and pool; Kuala Kencana, Golf Club restaurant and bar; the usual assortment of street eateries, cafe's and restaurants; an eclectic mix of Karaoke establishments and 'night-clubs', entirely at your own risk.


Telephone and Internet:


Usually fairly reliable, with relatively solid 3G/4G service available. If there is any sort of outage though, it can become Very unreliable -and may last for days.


Pretty much the best you'll find anywhere in Papua! Fast, fairly reliable. In large part, that's due to the presence of Freeport here.


Operator Airframes No. Facilities
AirFast DHC-6 2  ?
ALDA Air C208 1 Mess
AMA C208, PC-6, P750 1 Mess
AsianOne Air C208 2 Mess
Dimonim Air C208, DHC-6 2 Mess
Jhonlin Air Transport C208 3 Hotel
MAF C208, Kodiak 1 Mess
Pegasus Air C208 1 Mess
SAS DHC-6 2  ?
Susi Air C208, PC-6 4 Mess
Trigana DHC-6 1  ?