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Ahhhhh the never-ending search for the Perfect pair of sunnies... it’s a mission every bit as personal as your Headset. In this discussion, I’ll be dealing only with glasses suited by their design & build philosophy to being called “aviator” sunglasses. I definitely won’t be discussing what might euphemistically be known more as “fashion” sunglasses, beyond...

Some factors to consider, should you be more tempted by the fashionable end of the market:

  • Lenses:
    • Are the lenses optically correct? No, I don’t mean corrected to fix an issue with your vision. I mean are the lenses manufactured to a standard that will not introduce an unwanted distortion to normal, uncorrected vision due a lack of manufacturing quality control?
    • Is the tint density appropriate for the operating environment? Many fashion sunglasses have a tint best described as vague.
    • Are the lenses polarised? Will the polarised lens adversely effect seeing EFIS screens?
    • UV protection -is there any? Or enough?
  • Temples: what effect will the thickness of the temple have on your peripheral vision? How will a thick temple affect your headset ear-seals?
  • Frames
  • Price: you’ll frequently pay a premium price for a fashionable pair of sunnies -that likely at several levels, won’t do the job. Better just to invest in something appropriate and likely longer-lasting, I reckon.

For my money, that’s where their utility ends. They’re a fashion statement rather than a pilot tool.

Reputable Manufacturers:

Serengeti Drivers