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The very mention of Headset preferences tends to create all sorts of angst in pilots! It’s a very personal choice and one which only You can make. There are several extremely good options out there, both passive and Active Noise Reduction, all from reputable manufacturers.


Personally, I consider my headset sacrosanct. Nobody gets to use it, wear it or borrow it, under any circumstances. I’ve been burned in the past, loaning a headset for “a flight” and not seeing it again for over 3 months! When it was returned, it had clearly not been cared for. Never again. Additionally I really don’t want another persons bugs, germs or diseases transmitted to me via the mic sock. I just don’t loan headsets any more. I think of them as an extremely personal and intimate (not to mention expensive!) item of equipment.


Try to avoid leaving the on the glare shield when not in use, or anywhere exposed to direct sunlight. The heat and sunlight hastens the deterioration process, particularly of the soft earcups. Storing your headset on the glare shield will often mean the headset is or may be in direct contact with the Perspex of your windshield too, most likely creating micro-scratches which, will eventually become an issue.

Ear-cups, comfort bands and Mic-socks are best considered consumable items. They will deteriorate over time, more so with regular use. I replace mine roughly every 12 months or so here, where I average around 700hrs per year, in a hot and humid environment. Generally speaking, your manufacturer likely provides “kits” to replace these consumable items at fairly reasonable cost. In my case, around USD$50 per annum.


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